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Introducing Arigo AI & Support Module

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Shared by Ishaan • March 09, 2023

Hey there! Lately there has been a global exhilaration of the usage of AI to streamline education, computer science, general knowledge, language models, and so much more.

Arigo was founded on the vision of remaining as innovative as possible, and we've stayed true to this vision with every feature we launch.

We're happy to announce that we're soon introducing the most innovative support module you've seen on a custom bot. We've worked hand-in-hand with communities all across Discord to understand their support needs in order to build the most feature-packed, diverse, and useful support system for your community.

The content covered below is related to our upcoming Support Module and all the included features.

Bird's Eye View of the New Support Module

Via your Arigo Workspace, you're able to create a modern & simplistic multi-option ticket menu

Each button is considered an "Option" and we provide an incredible amount of customizability. You're able to set the following for each option:

  • Whether or not to require a modal (where the user submits their question)
  • Logging Channel
  • Role(s) To Ping
  • Discord Category (where ticket is located)
  • Reply Embed Title & Description

Speaking more on modals, you're able to require a modal to be completed prior to opening a ticket. You're able to customize the modal text to suit your needs.

Introducing Arigo AI

For communities dealing with a high volume of support tickets, you'll love this feature. We've built a system powered by OpenAI's latest gpt-3.5-turbo to help your incredible support representatives and reduce their workload.

By using the /suggestedreply command, your Arigo Bot will provide support representatives with a helpful reply in just seconds in order to answer the customers questions, given the context from the entire conversation throughout the ticket.

Let's say someone asks about how much a Roblox Overhead System Model costs, instead of spending the time looking for that information, you can simply use the command and it'll tell you and you can easily copy & paste that response to your customer.

On your Arigo Workspace, you can set an infinite number of FAQ's which the bot uses as a knowledge base, such as;

Question: How long do appeals take to process?
Answer: Arigo has a dedicated Trust & Safety team to manage appeals. Appeals are processed within 7-14 business days.

Below is that FAQ being used in a ticket.

Note how the AI was able to understand the context of the question asked and compare it to a similar but not exact FAQ.

This can truly help save your support representatives time, effort, and ensure a source of truth throughout your community.

Unfortunately, however, the bot is unable to search the internet or your Discord Server to find answers, so it'll only use the FAQs added on your workspace as a knowledge base. On the plus side, you'll be able to add an infinite number of FAQ's. So with that said...

Let's automate FAQ's

The downside of the Suggested Reply system is that the bot only knows information based on FAQs. It's quite challenging and annoying to constantly update your FAQs with relevant information.

This is why anytime a ticket is closed, your Arigo Bot will review the entire conversation and identify the questions that a user asked along with the responses your team provided.

Lets take the following ticket, for example:

Once this ticket is closed, your Arigo Bot will automatically identify the following:

It'll then formulate that into an FAQ and automatically add it to your knowledge base. Any automatically added FAQs will be marked as "System Added" on your Arigo Workspace so you're easily able to identify them and correct issues.

That's all we have for now, but we're going to open beta for all these features later this month included in our March Update. We hope to see you all soon.

As always don't hesitate to reach out via the messenger if you need anything! 😊

Note that all the features listed in this news article will only function on tickets created through your custom Arigo Bot.